Check out the HOA of Your Florida Condo Before You Buy

According to several reports, 2008 may be the year to buy into the sunshine state of Florida. Approximately 35,000 new condo units are either completed or about to be completed and so far the number of units sold is down 29% from last year.

If you have toyed with the idea of being a condo owner and moving into the relaxed yet stimulating areas in Florida, now is surely the time to make your move.

Understanding how the Home Owners Associations (HOA) works in each condo unit is an important, and often a previously unknown, part of the lifestyle when buyers first move in.

For many new condo owners, the thought of having someone to upkeep and repair most parts of your home is a dream come true. Husbands can relax and not have to keep checking their sweetie’s ‘to do’ list, and women living alone can rest assured that the maintenance needs of their home will be taken care of.

To a new condo owner, the fact that the grass will be magically cut and the pH balance in the pool will always be correct without them worrying is enough to stop any further questions.

However, while an efficient HOA can be blissful, one that is inefficiently or unfairly run can be a source of discontent.

Asking a few established condo owners in the unit about the HOA may help to eradicate some doubts. From experience they will be able to tell you whether or not rules are enforced or whether there is a weak board running the HOA.

It is only when things go wrong that we start asking how the rules are interpreted, etc. For instance, the term “unreasonable” is used often in the clause about noise.

Unreasonable noise will not be tolerated between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. Perhaps the interpretation is different between the man who has a new motorbike and leaves for work everyday at 5.30 and the retiree who wants to sleep past six o’clock.

It seems reasonable that you should be able to use your own vehicle to get to work. It also seems reasonable to expect to be able to sleep in a little when you are retired. Who decides? Is there a board that will deal with this, or is it something you have to work out for yourselves?

Another area for mediation is replacements. It is obvious when the pool pump stops working or the fencing falls over, but what happens when the common area carpet gets worn? Who decides, and how is it decided that this needs replacing?

There is such a thing as the field of Reserve Studies, and they split the maintenance and repair situations into five categories. These are:

Benign: This would include the clubhouse trash compactor – it can wait.

Catastrophic: Such as the elevators – these should be replaced before breakdown.

Obsolescence: Old fashioned decor in the entrance hall – low priority as still functional.

Regular: Paintwork and wood sealants – must be regularly attended to in order to keep costs down.

Watch and decide: fence posts that may last longer if the weather is mild – this type of thing must be an ongoing observation item.

Armed with this type of information about categorizing, HOA board members would have an easier task. Of course, one way to ensure that rules are strictly adhered to and fairness is meted out to all members is to become a new board member yourself.

Hawaiian Clothing Fall Fashion

Fall is a beautiful time of year with all the color changes along with new fashion styles arriving everywhere. Hawaiian clothing during the fall is great when you tone down from bright colors to more earthy colors for your wardrobe. As the season changes so will the temperature which often leads to longer dresses, sarongs and jackets to keep warm.

Halloween is one night you can wear bright Hawaiian colors and still fit in; especially if you pick a tropical themed costume. A few ideas to incorporate your tropical clothing into your Halloween costume are a Hawaiian Hula dancer, an Island Witch or Fairy. Or if you want to be a Hawaiian bride or princess you could use fancier Hawaiian fashion you already have or want to get at a discount during a fall sale.

Fall Fashion Colors

Every season has colors that you can wear that just make it seem as though you have the perfect dress for each day. Of course you need to make sure the colors you pick complement your skin tone, hair color, eyes and complexion. The most popular colors are oranges, reds, browns, yellows and neutrals such as black or grey. Remember with oranges, reds and yellows that you want darker colors not the bright ones you normally wear during the spring or summer. This may not apply if you live in a warm climate such as Florida, Southern California or an island near the equator. A particular favorite among fall fashion stylists is brown for its wide diversity. Browns range from very dark to light tans; many popular styles are just different shades of brown with one other color mixed in for contrast.

In addition to your fall Hawaiian clothing changing with the season you may also consider changing the color of your nails. Fingernails and toenails painted to match the colors you wear most during the season will go along way to make your style stand out. Some women even change to color contacts for their eyes or highlight streaks of hair to further complement their fall fashion. There are many options for creative minds so don’t let the weather hold you back.

Gianni Versace: A Fashion Success!

Gianni Versace was born in 1946 in Reggio, Calabria, in Southern Italy. Versace received his love of fashion and first lessons on dress-making from his mother.

Initially Versace trained as an architect, but soon he followed his mother into the fashion business. Versace worked for a number of top Italian fashion houses, but in 1978 with the help of his brother Santo he launched his own label.

Versace was a great fashion pioneer who combined the worlds of high style and pop culture. He was a charismatic and accomplished designer of clothing and theater costumes.

Versace appreciated a range of historic attire which he incorporated into his designs and he was greatly influenced by Andy Warhol and modern abstract art.

Wowzer! Best describes the fashions designed by Gianni Versace. He was notorious for designing garments that would shock and startle our senses. Versace saw his designing as an art form. He initiated clothing that was visually excessive and provocative- fashions that confronted accepted codes of taste, beauty and sexuality.

Fashion became entertainment, to be watched and admired – not simply worn. For Versace nothing was too extravagant too crazy or too risque. Yet no matter how extravagant or provocative Versace’s clothes were always strikingly well designed garments designed to flatter the body.

Versace was the designer of choice for many of the rich and famous: pop stars such as Elton John, and Madonna; film stars such as Will Smith, and Elizabeth Hurley and even royalty – Princess Diana.

The wealthy were drawn to his clothes like magnets, and that enhanced his reputation. However, Vercasse did not design simply for the wealthy his clothes were very much available to the average person.

In 1985 he launched the Istante label in 1985; and after years as Gianni’s muse, his sister Donatella became his co-designer and launched the Versace diffusion range, Versus, in 1989.

These labels featured clothes within the budgets of many consumers; not only were they priced lower than the custom-made clothes, but they were also aimed at younger markets.
In 1988 Versace received the Cutty Sark Award as “the most innovative and creative designer in the world”; and in 1993 the Council of Fashion Designers of America awarded him the American fashion Oscar.

On July 15, 1997 Versace was shot to death outside his South Beach home in Miami, Florida by a crazed gunman name Andrew Cunanan. Since his untimely death in 1997 the Versace fashion house continues to grow under the creative leadership of his sister Donatella and the business acumen of his brother Santo. Donatella’s daughter Allegra inherited 50% of the company last summer when she turned 18. However, Donatella is still very much in charge.

The days of the wet-look, shocking pink PVC and as much flash and flesh as a catwalk can take are long gone. The new Versace is growing up. “I’m not blind,” says Donatella. “I know that most women don’t look like models.

We had to start addressing other parts of a woman’s life. The fashion business is a very different place from when Gianni started the label.” Donatella’s mind is very much on the continued success of Versace.

With Donatella at the helm, and Santo and Allegra at her side, they continue to grow and develop the Versace Product Lines with fabulous designs unveiled for the 2005 Spring Season. The proof is in the Versace spring fashion line – Have a look for yourself!

Jelena Jankovic, The Future Women’s Tennis Number 1?

It doesn’t take much imagination to answer this question with a resounding Yes! Only 22 years of age, she has already reached the WTA ranking of no.3, and is officially number one in the women’s singles race. How does she do it, especially since in her short seven year career as a Pro she has endured (and overcome) injuries to her ankle, right shoulder, lower back, and most recently, pain in her neck.

“When we go on court, it’s like we’re going on a war” — Jelena Jankovic

Like many young Serbian (and Croatian) tennis stars, Jelena grew up surrounded by a terrible war. JJ has said that she believes this is what gives them their ‘fighting spirit’. Finding a place to practise was a real problem, not only during the war, when they had to practise very early before the bombings, but also in winter. Jelena recalls when she use to have to practise in her winter gloves, hat, and jacket, and this was indoors! Both her and her compatriot, Ana Ivanovic, practised in a drained Olympic sized swimming pool. It was carpeted, and because the wall was only 18 inches from the sidelines, cross-court play was nearly impossible, forcing the young players to play down the lines.

“I always give my best, and I fight until the end” — Jelena Jankovic

Jelena’s hard work paid off when the great tennis coach, Nick Bollettiieri, recognized her talent and invited her to attend his boarding school tennis academy in Bradenton, Florida. The alumni of this prestigious tennis academy reads like the Who’s Who in ATP and WTA tennis. But in early 2006, Jankovic nearly did give up after nine consecutive first round match defeats. She was already a part-time student at the Megatrend University in Belgrade, studying business administration and was considering dropping her WTA touring to study full-time. Thankfully for women’s tennis, she changed her mind, but she still keeps an eye on her future and is still part-time student.

“It helps me to stay relaxed to smile on-court.” — Jelena Jankovic

This ability to go out and really enjoy her game might be the key to her success. It was noticed by the world’s media that she was laughing and giggling on her chair prior to her recent match against Venus Williams. Venus was somberly reading her match notes. Jelena’s family, friends, and colleagues are very important to her, and this might also be a big advantage.

“No better way to finish a rainy day than with a big smile, watching Serbian comedy on TV.” — Jelena Jankovic

It’s hard to imagine how such fantastically determined, world-class athlete could be so, let’s say, normal. Like many women her age, she loves the latest fashion in women’s tennis clothes, her favorite brand being Reebok. That doesn’t mean she is frivolous; She recently complained that the Italians were only concerned with her make-up and hair, but not about her backhand. During one of her recent matches in Rome, there were wolf-whistles when she bent down on-court to tie her shoes in her white tennis skirt. But really, who could blame them?

“I’m a girl….” — Jelena Jankovic

She’s much more than a girl, and then again, she isn’t. With her outgoing personality, and her ever cheerful attitude, she is a brilliant role model for young women everywhere. It is heartening that many such young WTA Stars are performing so well, but the ‘Golden Girl’, Jelena Jankovic, seems to be sparkling the shiniest.

Women’s Thongs – Erotic and Beautiful

Thongs in women are specifically defined as an undergarment, characterized by a thin strap of material along the center of the garment’s rear designed to sit between the wearer’s buttocks. Women’s thongs are further classified on the basis of type and form including g-strings, the traditional thong, v-strings and the t-back. Women’s thongs are a delightful sight also on the beaches of South European countries, Florida and South America. Women, generally prefer to wear thong underwear to eliminate the visibility of the panty lines, to avoid an embarrassing scenario of a ride up so one need not pull at one’s underwear in public and most importantly, the factor of comfort. Moreover, the entire concept of fashion consciousness and minimization of tan lines drive women to dress their lower inner half in women’s thongs.

Women have the leeway to pick their choice right from elegant thong styles that seem just perfect for the special evening or to simply impress the hot hunk you’ve bumped at work to sexy, sensuous and erotic thongs designed for fun and flirty moments mixed with tease. For the purpose of comfort and convenience, the women’s casual thongs would be a safe bet that would also perfectly complement to her favorite fit of jeans.

Whether for form or function, thongs are a popular mainstay of many women’s lingerie drawer. Once the domain of sexy, exotic dancers, skimpy panties are now the lingerie of choice for everyone from teens to mature women. Very often, people though in jest, refer to women’s thongs as “butt floss”. Riding high on the hips and leaving the bottom completely exposed, women’s thongs though may seem tacky have garnered substantial popularity in the last few decades. For women who have never worn thongs, they can be a little uncomfortable initially and/or a sleazy choice of an undergarment, however there are some logically practical reasons to wear these itty-bitty women’s thongs.

They pose as a sexy alternative to teddies and are an extra addition to sheer nighties. When paired with decorative bras, they make a pretty and scintillating lingerie set. More over, they make a bold fashion statement underneath low rise jeans for the young and adventurous. Men also love to fantasize seeing their women in revealing, skimpy woman’s thongs and panties. Bottom baring lingerie or women’s thongs have an A-list of types and styles to their credit. When people refer to “butt floss”, they are picturing a g-string.

This barely there panty for the bravest and most confident souls features a more than a little triangle in the front, fitted with a thin string around the hips and between the cheeks of the butt. If you want more coverage than what is offered by a g-string, women can opt for T-back thongs. The side straps conveniently stretch straight across the top of the buttocks; from back the straps resemble the letter ‘T’. The Rio women’s thongs are quite similar to T-back except that the side straps rise above the hips.

Tanga, another popular thong for women, exposes the bottom of the butt cheeks, but covers everything else. Rios and tangas are a hot favorite among young women as they are more comfortable for regular use. On the contrary, g-strings are not as practical for an all-day use. If you are concerned about your panty line showing, then T-backs can work wonders and take your confidence to new heights. For the first time buyers and users, tangas and Rios offer a welcoming and gentle initiation into the world of sexy women’s thongs. For women with generous hips, Rios poses as more forgiving.

Women’s thongs are available in an extensive assortment of materials and the styles you decide to purchase are largely a matter of preference. Cotton is an apt choice of material for all day use thongs as it is a breathable fabric and lessens the risk of infection. For special and intimate moments, silk and Lycra is a sensuous choice. PVC or leather are also raging possibilities for a daring night time look. The choices are vast and the collection ranges from elegant to casual to sexy. Pick your choice and put your fancies into action.

Florida’s Gay Population and a Florida Gay Alcohol Rehab

Florida’s gay and lesbian population is growing daily and with it is a growing need for gay and lesbian services. For the purpose of this article we are concerned with gay drug rehab, gay dual diagnosis and gay alcohol rehab services. Regardless of where a person is from, they bring their personal history with them. In the case of the gay and lesbian, the personal histories of which I speak are related to prejudice, discrimination, internalized hompohobia and shame. Growing up gay and having to deal with the attitudes of the general public and family, have led many gay and lesbians to the world of drug addiction and alcoholism. Unfortunately, what happens is the attitudes of the heterosexual population become worse as the gay man or woman becomes drug dependent and their ability to cope with their feelings diminish even more.

Florida Gay Alcohol Rehab

Now imagine that we ask a gay or lesbian to check into an alcohol rehab run by a group of heterosexual men and women. It is like asking an anorexic to check into an addiction treatment program for compusive overeaters. This could be their worst nightmare. Don’t misunderstand me, this doesn’t mean that the alcohol rehab has to be run by all gay men and women. That is not the real world. The alcohol rehab must, as a minimum, have a gay alcohol rehab component, within the alcohol rehab itself. This will provide the gay or lesbian with a “safe space” in which to express their feelings and thoughts without thinking they are being judged. Their are many other clinical benefits derived from a gay alcohol rehab run in this fashion, such as being able to eal with internalized homophobia, but it also allow for the heterosexual to deal with their own homophobia. Everybody wins!

Why Different Styles Of Beach Shoes Are The Hottest New Summer Fashion Fad

One of the hottest new fashion trends in the footwear industry is the beach shoe segment. You don’t have to even live near the beach to be able to enjoy and take advantage of this either. The beach shoe has changed immensely over the years and there are now huge varieties to choose from. Back in the day you only had flip-flops or maybe Birkenstocks to choose from.

Now in addition to the above you have the newly introduced Croc’s, a multitude of sandals and more. Personally, I wear my Reef flip flops everywhere and just about all year long. Since I live on an island in Northwest Florida I wear them all year, even in the winter! Mine even have a bottle opener in the bottom which comes in handy when we’re are out running around the island.

Another style of beach shoe that I wear when I am training on the beach is the mesh water shoes. These shoes give you protection from sharp objects but yet are very flexible and lightweight and one can even swim in them. I not only wear them for running on the beach, but also under my fins when I am diving or snorkeling. These shoes are an excellent choice if you are going to be doing exercise in the water or on the beach. Another great thing about these shoes is that they are very inexpensive.

Crocs are an extremely popular new addition. These lightweight synthetic shoes are popular all over the world and I see them every where I go. I just recently had surgery to repair a torn bicep tendon and a large percentage of the doctors and nurses at the hospital were wearing Croc’s. I think that is a pretty good indication of how comfortable they are since those people are on their feet most of the day. I wear mine as an alternative to my flip flops when it is raining, but you just have to remember I am a big lover of flip flops.

Like other fashion apparel the type of shoes that one wears can tell a lot about a person’s personality. For example my choice of my Reef flip flops tells you that I am most concerned with being comfortable and having a super casual style and that I don’t care at all about impressing anyone with my fashion choices. These flip flops are extremely popular with surfers like myself and almost everyone I know owns a pair. The bottle opener on the bottom is a great conversation starter at parties. Everyone freaks out when I pull off my flip flop and open a bottle of beer.

People who wear Crocs are not only wearing them because they are comfortable but because they are a hot fad in the footwear industry at the moment. On the other end of the spectrum would be Birkenstocks. Those who wear these shoes are making a statement that they are into high quality and are not interested in following any trends.

Just remember to consider what kind of activity you are going to use the shoes for. If you are going to go for long walks on the beach and the beach is full of shells you may want to wear the above mentioned water shoes or Crocs. For just all around general use you may want to wear flip flops like I do. Whatever you choose make sure to go with quality so that they last and you don’t have to replace them constantly.

Womens Golf Apparel For Comfort And Practicality

Women’s golf apparel is specially designed for lady golfing professionals. It is available at attractive discounts rates like Adidas climacool long sleeve diamond texture top pacific women’s X-large apparel. This apparel is long sleeve golf shirt and it is available in pacific colors.

Women’s golf apparel is made from 100 percent cotton, it contains side vents, and zip fronts the standard length of ladies golf clothing is 22 inches and it can be washable with washing, machines. This golfing fashion accessory is available with mandarin self-collar and open hem sleeve. It contains UV protection and it is made by 95 polyester and 5 percent Lycra. It is available with climacool long sleeve diamond textures. Women’s golf apparel is comfortable and it is most suitable to play on golf course.

Callaway, Etonic, Nike, footjoy, Adidas, Ecco, Dexter, Bally and Lady Fairway are some common brands of ladies sporting apparel. These professionally designed items provide extra foundation of your swing and posture. The top of the range clothing styles are available with different sizes such as Adidas which is available with different ranges such as small , medium , large and extra large size. Apparel for the lady golfer is useful to increase efficiency of your game. It is specially designed for golfers that enable them to walk about 4 to 5 miles during a round and spend about 4 to 5 hours on the gold course. The sportwear is washable and heat resistance, which make them more comfortable in wet conditions. This line of sporting apparel provide superior beauty, comfort and softness, these types of clothes are durable and waterproof

Websites can help women to purchase their golf fashion accessories. These websites offer attractive discounts to buy apparel. Websites offer online payment to buy apparel. Some online stores located in Orlando, Florida, Titania offer modern women golf apparel. It offers fashionable clothing at attractive rates. It offers attractive collection of items ranging from basic t-shirts and skirts. It also offers a wide range of color options and styles such as sun kissed colors of summer and bold colors. These designs are refreshing and especially designed by specialists.

Some precautions are necessary to protect your sportwear such as it is essential to keep it dry and soft, Protecting from direct sun light and humid conditions help to protect the longevity of your sportwear. Additionally, washing your golfing apparel with a mild detergent may help to increase its life.

The Inner Beauty of Women

I want to speak for a moment on the beauty of women. No, I’m not a cosmetologist, dermatologist, hair dresser, or fashion coordinator, just an ordinary heterosexual with a fondness for the opposite sex. I always knew there were differences between boys and girls, but this didn’t become obvious to me until I entered junior high school whereupon I noticed the girls were beginning to apply cosmetics, change their hair, and wear more fashionable clothes. I guess this marked the beginning of our mating rituals as the boys began to sit up and take notice.

It has been my observation over the years that women depend mostly on physical attractiveness to lure a mate. This is why millions, if not billions of dollars, are spent on beauty products for hair, skin, nails, eyes, lips, legs, even the scent of a women. Let us also not forget the enormity of the fashion industry which includes not just clothes, but shoes and hats as well. It is obviously a gigantic business. Some women are naturally beautiful, and know it. Others have to work at it.

I wonder though if women are too dependent on physical appearance and overlook the allure of a personality. Over the years I have met many women who may have lacked looks, but are incredibly sensual just from their personality alone. They may have a good sense of humor, an ease about them, a confidence, or something simply feminine. I guess they just feel comfortable in their own skin and know how to make others feel likewise. Perhaps this is the “feminine mystique” I’ve been hearing about all these years. I have seen women who know how to light up a room with nothing more than a smile and a gentle wave of their hand, yet are considered frumpy otherwise. Men gravitate to such women naturally as they are more approachable as opposed to a beauty with an incredible figure, simply because they know how to carry a conversation and make the people around them feel at ease.

Some people think such things as sex and cooking are part of the allure of women, and I suspect there are many men who think this way. As for me, such things are nothing more than the icing on the cake. Any relationship based on this alone is doomed from the outset.

Instead of spending tons of money on the physical aspects, I wish they would spend a little on cultivating a personality, something that can put men at ease, even be disarmingly flirtatious. Most men can be intimidated by a ravishing beauty, thereby considering them untouchable. After they have summoned up the courage to talk to such a woman, they are crestfallen when they find there is nothing behind the facade. Instead, they would rather be able to enjoy the woman’s company, but if the lights are on and nobody is home, the encounter will be brief. I’m certainly not suggesting the woman be submissive to the male. In fact, I find that rather unappealing. The women who possesses a wit, a warm heart, an openness about them, a sense of humor, and confidence about themselves in spite of some physical defect can be much more interesting and stimulating than a glamour queen.

I guess what I’m describing is the “inner beauty” of a woman, which can be incredibly alluring, and I presume it is essentially no different for how women consider men. However, for those people who lack both an outer and inner beauty, I pray they’re good in the kitchen or bedroom. Either that, or they begin to frequent a salon, gym or a voice coach. Otherwise they are going to remain rather lonely for a long time.

Fashion Trends 2007 – What to Keep or Ditch in 2008

Fashion trends in 2007 had their day. Here are some of the best and worst of the top trends. Hold on to the best fashions as we head into 2008. Ditch the worst ones. They aren’t flattering to anyone.

Best fashion trends in 2007

o High-waisted skirts: This classic trend gives every women a great shape.

o Trouser pants: A welcome relief from the oh-so-tight low-cut jeans, trouser pants are classic business wear that look great in the board room with a smart looking jacket. They are equally lovely in the evening, topped with a twin set or sweater in a current color.

o Skinny pants: still great for weekends and evenings. The modified version of slim pants is great for the office, paired with a great sweater or swingy jacket.

o Soft tailoring: Pairing more structured, tailored pieces with items that are much softer and flowy, the combination works well for most women. Anyone can adapt it to their style. Instead of sticking to one style, this flexible approach brought a new kind of modern femininity – hard and soft at the same time.

o Ray-Ban sunglasses: All the stars sported them, and these classic frames made everyone look like a rock star.

o The Bob: From Katie Holmes to Rihanna and Posh, this move from long flowy locks to a structured style is the hottest trend at the moment. And a little structure can be a great update for most women.

o Cobalt blue: A beautiful color that works will in the office and after hours.

Worst fashion trends in 2007

o High waisted pants: unlike high-waisted skirts, these pants are uncomfortable to wear, and look unattractive even on stars like Mischa Barton.

o Cropped winter jackets: Great fashion if you live in Florida or California. For anyone else, the short sleeves are sure to leave you with chapped elbows.

o Baby doll dresses: Cute for 12 year olds. Not so sweet on anyone older.

o Empire waist dresses: A nice silhouette for tall, slim women. For others, it provokes the question: Is she pregnant?

o Tent dresses: Interesting on models. On most real people, these just look like tents.

o Too much glitz: A little glitter and a touch of metallics are great. But mix them together with beaded, sequined and glimmery materials, and it’s overkill.

You are invited to use these tips to plan your wardrobe for 2008.

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